HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Build and Host a Responsive Website

Learn to build useful website from inside out within weeks! This course is specially designed for you who wish to build website for your business, or want to start a career as web developer.

Throughout the course, you will be working with the essential technologies, programming languages and tools that you need to develop a responsive website. The course covers development from front-end to back-end, including fundamentals like database design all the way to server setup to get your website live.

Every applicant will be assigned a project near the end of the course, that’s the chance for you to make your idea into reality. You will work under guidance of an experience full-stack developer, so look no further. Join us to start building your own website!

Course Outcome

  • Understanding the basic of web architectures
  • Learn the basic of web programming
  • Learn the basic of database design and SQL
  • Learn to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Able to build your own responsive website


Teoh Tuan Tian





Best Suit For

Anyone keen to learn programming and build website

FREE HOSTING to be given away

The first 5 sign ups to complete the course.

Syllabus Overview

  • Basic on how website works, architectures
  • Machine setup
  • Introduction on HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to Bootstrap Framework
  • Introduction to Programming with JavaScript
  • Source Control with Git
  • Learn to use JavaScript with jQuery libraries & Web APIs
  • Web Hosting
  • Database Design and Fundamentals
  • Learn to use SQL Query
  • Server Side Programming with NodeJS
  • Machine Setup
  • Server Side Programming with NodeJS
  • App Deployment
  • Working on Project given
  • Project Presentation
  • Briefing on what are the popular technologies nowadays

Course Requirements

Bring your own laptop


8 weeks starting from 3rd of July 2017


Every Monday 7pm – 10pm
Every Tuesday 7pm – 10pm
Every Wednesday 7pm – 10pm