Douglas Khoo at Startup Grind Kuala Lumpur

Douglas is an investor and serial entrepreneur (for real). He co-founded several internet businesses, including the extremely successful, which Baidu acquired a major stake (306mi USD) in 2011. The company has been listed in Nasdaq (QUNR) and remains as one of the main “go-to-websites” for travelers in China.

Douglas began his professional career in an advertising agency named Ogilvy & Mather, in Malaysia. His career took him to Indonesia, Beijing (where her run the MindShare) and Hong Kong, where he run the whole digital arm of Mindshare across Asia Pacific.

Besides, he co-founded several internet companies, the first being, a sports portal, which was sold to Lee Ka-Shing controlled in 2000.

As a fun note, it’s said that he currently spends most of his time travelling, piloting planes, racing classical cars and photography.

He is also investing his time to mentor start-ups and starting new initiatives that aim to support the local startup ecosystem.

Riding the Tech Tiger Penang Invests In People Taking Risks In The Region’s Newest Industry

Penang has produced several highly successful tech start-ups, but an underdeveloped ecosystem is holding things back. That’s about to change. I meet Curry Khoo for the first time at Starbucks in Auto-City in Juru. It is afternoon and I am actually running late – Google Maps is letting me down big time and Curry is kind enough to send me his location via Whatsapp. It is a fittingly tech-themed trip. I find him sitting in a corner, hunched in front of a sticker-laden laptop, sporting his trademark cap and glasses. He’s an animated, chatty and passionate figure.

Douglas Khoo needed to do something. This has always been true for him. When he was eight years old and living in Negeri Sembilan, he would borrow his uncle’s gas grass cutter and cut neighbours’ lawns for pocket money. Then he grew up and went into advertising. And then he met up with an American partner on a business trip to China. Neither spoke Chinese at the time – they had at least that much in common – and found themselves hanging out quite a bit. This was in the mid-1990s, when the Internet was still the exciting new thing instead of the everyday utility it is today, and they talked about how China was still behind the US when it came to the Web. So they decided to put some money together and start something and see what happens. Their one rule: do not go into something that involves acquiring a heap of licenses or payments, or anything that could “get us in jail”. So they launched sports website Shawei, which eventually became the leading Chinese sports website in the country, averaging a million page views a day. The company started out with five people, and employed about 90 by the time it was sold in 2000. It was good timing, too – the US market was just about to crash. “We managed to just scrape by.”

Tech Royale feat. Green Room

19th July 2016 (Tuesday)
7:00pm – 9:30pm
The Coding Shophouse
Ticket: Peatix link

What is Tech Royale?
Tech Royale is founded by The Coding Shophouse community. It is named after Clash Royale as a gag at the beginning and then it came true afterwards.
Tech Royale is a platform to learn and share tech-related knowledge. Get to know the story of different amazing tech founders and its technology behind it.

Register yourself to the very first session of Tech Royale! As usual, limited tickets available only.

7:00pm-7:20pm Registration
7:20pm-7:30pm Introduction
7:30pm-8:00pm Tech Founder’s Story by Vin Lim
8:00pm-8:30pm Technology Stack by JC
8:30pm-9:30pm Panel Discussion & Networking



Tech Founder’s Story | Speaker: Vin Lim
Vin is the co-founder & CEO of Green Room – leading mobile apps & web development company, with portfolio covering major international & local brands. He is also a self-taught programmer with focus on web technologies. Vin’s enthusiasm in building tech community led to the founding of Startup Penang with fellow startups in the region in 2012. He also co-founded Google Developers Group George Town in 2014. During the same year, he organized Google DevFest George Town which saw over 700 participants, further fueling the startup bloom in northern region.

Technology Stack | Speaker: JC
JC is the co-founder and lead developer of Green Room. With more than 6 years of experience in software development both locally and abroad, he has built his reputation as a respected geek in the region. He is currently the manager of Google Developer Group George Town, actively promoting open source technologies.

Food & Beverage
– Barbeque! *Light snacks only
– Bring Your Own Booze (BOYB)

SWG Gathering x Rails Meetup

Rails Meetup December is the forth and last meet-up of the year 2015. In every session, they share, solve and code Rails to help each other grow. The participants certainly had good times in each meet-up session for the past few months. Why let it stop when we can increase the excitement because it’s Christmas!

This December, we will host our very first Mini Rails Hackathon at The Coding Shophouse. The purpose is to get everybody onboard and have a fun night hacking Rails. It is free and open for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are designer or developer, as long as you want to get involve in a Rails Project. Come and show us what you got!

There will also be a 2 hours workshop conduct by Ryan Goh. Get yourself ready for a Rails hands-on project with the guide of an experienced Rails developer.

Mini Rails Hackathon will begin on 18th Dec 2015 (Friday), 6pm and ends at 19th Dec 2015 (Saturday), 10am. Yes you got it right, we are doing it over the night. Get your horses ready! 


In conjunction with the Ruby on Rails monthly meet-up and Hackathon, the event is also open for all Startup Weekend Georgetown participants and crews. Startup Weekend is 54-hour workshop where developers, designers, markerters, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch your startup! The last Startup Weekend Georgetown was during October 2015. It’s about time to have a gathering for a catch up session. 


Evening in the Cloud


21st November 2015 (Monday), 7pm at The Coding Shophouse

7:00 pm – Microsoft Openness by Daqing Lee

7:30 pm – The Cloud for Modern Business by Matthew Khaw

8:00 pm – Real World Case Study by Ooi Boon Sheng

8:30 pm  - Networking and Refreshment

Brief / Description

Store and access your information on the internet rather than having a bulky local servers or hard disk. Make use of cloud services and ease the way you interact with your data. According to Forbes, research found among 1000 respondent, 82% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy. Whereas, 88% of the organisations are using public cloud services.

Join us in this casual meetup & open dialogue session to share and learn on how to use cloud service for your business. 
Come and listen to industry experts & real world business users on how your business can incorporate with cloud service.


  • “Microsoft Openness: Builds bridges between platforms and people” 
    by Daqing Lee, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Malaysia
    Microsoft’s commitment to openness and collaboration is ingrained in our day-to-day approach to doing business alongside industry partners around the world. This is a discussion & open dialogue session about openness at Microsoft – open source, standards, interoperability, and support for local startups with BizSpark.
  • “The Cloud for Modern Business” 
    by Matthew Khaw, Partner Business Strategist, Microsoft Malaysia
    The global 24x7 business world never stops. And that means every business needs new ways to reach out to customers and the workforce, bridging time zones and user needs. To compete in this world, businesses need to be able to respond at unprecedented speed as well as dynamic scale – with Microsoft Cloud.
  • “Real World Case Study”
    by Ooi Boon Sheng, Web Bytes
    The title says it all – on how a local startup embrace the cloud model to drive his competition crazy.