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Being a mechanical engineer, I’ve learned C++, VB 6 and Java but it was more than 10 years ago. Coding was my passion but all these years as a sales person never get to practice until I found out the Ruby on Rails class conducted by ‪Bryan Lim at The Coding Shophouse. It is not easy to pick up a new language but at least it is the first step to get familiarize with some basic and concepts. In the RoR class, we had the opportunity to learn HTML5 and CSS too. I consider myself as the weakest link in class but today I am better coder than last year’s today. To code, you don’t need to be a genius, there’s no age limit as long as you have the logic mind and willing to put in some hard work. And The Coding Shophouse is the best and only environment you will get all you need to code.

Dylan Siauw

Founder, Propmag

The Coding Shophouse always been a good place to learn and do coding and for that I’ve attended 2 different courses, which is Ruby on Rails and Django. Both courses were conducted by very great and awesome tutors, ‪Bryan Lim and ‪Matthew Phiong, you both rocks!!

Jason Phoong

Developer, Dino Media

It is more than just Ruby on Rails course. I am new to RoR and I felt it was pretty easy to learn. From writing single line of code to app deployment, and most important, after the course our team able to create a live webapp for our own startup. Beside than Ruby on Rails, what I felt more important is the little things shared by Bryan, from best coding practice to becoming a happier developer. All these are priceless. Once again, thanks to The Coding Shophouse, Douglas, Curry and Bryan who make this course available. Thanks.

Ryan Goh

SEO Consultant, EK Solutions

The CSH community is very encouraging of new programming practitioners and startup founders here in Penang. I was a student of the 2015 Ruby on Rails course. The instructors and owners often went over what is necessary to get people started on the right footing. The after class discussions were very helpful in pushing my technical understanding and soft skills for coding collaboration. Student alumni also keep in contact on their ventures after the CSH courses, which is very helpful in a field that moves at a rapid pace. A great place to get started for those who are willing to put in the effort.

Hsien Shiung

Student, USM