The Coding Shophouse

Affordable hands-on coding courses

We are a bunch of serial entrepreneurs who want to provide an opportunity for deserving young adults to pursue an alternate career path in the fast-expanding digital economy.

Just as others have given us a leg up in life, we want to pay it forward.

At Coding Shophouse, we offer affordable (read, heavily-subsidized) courses in practical hands-on coding and to ensure you have the necessary skills to pursue that alternate career path.

Backed by our network of partners, we are confident that you will be able to gain employment upon completion of our course.

Douglas Khoo

Douglas Khoo


Douglas is an angel investor and serial entrepreneur. He co-founded several internet businesses, including the extremely successful, which Baidu acquired a major stake in 2011. The company has been listed in Nasdaq (QUNR) and remains as one of the main “go-to-websites” for travelers in China.
Douglas began his professional career in an advertising agency named Ogilvy & Mather, in Malaysia. His career took him to Indonesia, Beijing (where he ran the MindShare) and Hong Kong, where he ran the whole digital arm of Mindshare across Asia Pacific.
Besides, he co-founded several internet companies, the first being, a sports portal, which was sold to Lee Ka-Shing controlled in 2000.
On a fun note, it’s said that he currently spends most of his time travelling, piloting planes, racing classic cars and photography.
He is also investing his time to mentor start-ups and starting new initiatives that aim to support the local startup ecosystem.

Emily Khoo

Emily Khoo

Financial Controller

Emily is a retired banker with 25 years of banking experience behind her. She currently takes care of the dollars and cents for The Coding Shophouse. She is also an avid decoupage handcrafter and believes that creativity is not just limited to art, it is a way of life.
Curry Khoo

Curry Khoo


Curry hails from Penang and is passionate about two things – Penang and all things connected to the Internet eco-system. He is the founder of TE4P, a tech community movement in Penang that host tech meet-ups. It is said that nothing happens in Penang without Curry’s involvement.

Like all Penangites, he loves his food and will gladly point out to you the various places to go when you visit Penang.

Elaine Cheong

Elaine Cheong


Elaine is an adventurous young lady with a Degree in Mass Communication. You will definitely see her around The Coding Shophouse if you have visited The Coding Shophouse for any classes, workshops, and events before. She is also the one behind all the class management, digital marketing, and social media of The Coding Shophouse. Being passionate about building the local tech ecosystem, it makes her highly active in several tech events such as Startup Weekend Georgetown, Accelerator Lite, Second Startup, etc.