Rails Meetup December is the forth and last meet-up of the year 2015. In every session, they share, solve and code Rails to help each other grow. The participants certainly had good times in each meet-up session for the past few months. Why let it stop when we can increase the excitement because it’s Christmas!

This December, we will host our very first Mini Rails Hackathon at The Coding Shophouse. The purpose is to get everybody onboard and have a fun night hacking Rails. It is free and open for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are designer or developer, as long as you want to get involve in a Rails Project. Come and show us what you got!

There will also be a 2 hours workshop conduct by Ryan Goh. Get yourself ready for a Rails hands-on project with the guide of an experienced Rails developer.

Mini Rails Hackathon will begin on 18th Dec 2015 (Friday), 6pm and ends at 19th Dec 2015 (Saturday), 10am. Yes you got it right, we are doing it over the night. Get your horses ready! 


In conjunction with the Ruby on Rails monthly meet-up and Hackathon, the event is also open for all Startup Weekend Georgetown participants and crews. Startup Weekend is 54-hour workshop where developers, designers, markerters, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch your startup! The last Startup Weekend Georgetown was during October 2015. It’s about time to have a gathering for a catch up session.