Imagine this:  Just as your programed dream on a Jamaican beach concludes with that perfect sunset, you are gently roused from sleep by your brain stimulation band. Once in the bathroom, your vital signs and urinary analysis are displayed on your contact lens along with recommendation how you should adjust your week's diet and exercise to stay healthy.

At this talk, Eddy Lee will be sharing health technologies that would make the above an ordinary morning in our near future. He will showcase the advances in artificial intelligence, wearables, personalized medicine, and connected health, along with business opportunities in Malaysia or other emerging markets. Startup founders, physicians, software developers and hardware tinkerers may benefit from the information and networking at this session. 

Eddy Lee, PhD

Consulting Professor @Stanford University
Venture Advisor

Eddy Lee headed the investments at a Silicon Valley-based  VC, and has just relocated to Southeast Asia. His investments include Tech In Asia, iMoney, Hijup and Alodoktor. He is now helping a former portfolio digital health startup enter Asia, and advising various regional startups. Concurrently, he is a consulting professor at Stanford University, and a mentor at Stanford's StartX incubator. He is an electrical and medical engineer by training, and previously worked at Marvell a chip design firm. More info about Eddy here: